Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my carts be delivered?

Your garbage and recycle cart will be delivered together between August 1 and September 27.   

Why can’t I use my carts when I receive them?

The cart program requires an Automated Side Loader Truck for collection so it is important residents do not use their carts until the program begins the week of September 30th when our trucks will be equipped with the correct equipment.

Carts used before September 30th will not be serviced.

What size cart will I receive?

You will receive one 64-gallon cart for garbage and one 64-gallon cart for recyclables.

How do I request a smaller or larger cart?

Residents may contact Waste Management at (321) 636-6894 (North Brevard) or (321) 723-4455 (Central/South Brevard) or Brevard County at (321) 633-2042 to request a different size cart. There is no charge within the first 60 days from the start of service (September 30, 2013) to switch out the standard issued 64-gallon carts.  A $25 delivery fee will be charged for each cart after December 1, 2013.

Can I request a smaller or larger cart to be delivered between August 1 and September 27?

No.  Waste Management has the responsibility to deliver more than 180,000 carts to unincorporated Brevard County residents between these dates.  Therefore the standard cart will be delivered to ensure each home receives a cart by the start date of the cart program, September 30th.  

I live in a 55+ community what size cart will I receive?

Waste Management and Brevard County are identifying these communities and a 36-gallon cart for garbage and 36-gallon cart for recyclables will be delivered between August 1 and September 27.

How do I request an additional cart?

Residents can purchase or rent additional carts by contacting Waste Management. Additional carts can be purchased for $75 each or rented for $4.00/month ($48.00/year). Carts purchased at Home Depot and Lowes, or other entities, must be compatible for automated collection.

If my container is lost or damaged, how do I get a replacement?

Residents can contact Waste Management’s Customer Service Department to schedule a delivery.

Is there a charge for replacement containers?

A $75 charge applies for replacement carts that are intentionally damaged by the resident.

How do you differentiate between damage from normal use and “customer abuse or neglect”?

Examples:  If someone throws hot charcoal into the cart and the bottom burns out, that would be considered abuse. If the cart body cracks, the wheels break, or the lid comes off, that is considered normal use.

Who decides if there has been customer abuse or neglect?

This would be a joint decision between Brevard County and Waste Management.

What is the normal life cycle of the carts?

20 years.

What components fail as a result of normal use?

We have seen corrosion on the axel or the wheels; however Waste Management will replace the wheels at no charge if this were to occur.

If the amount of garbage exceeds the volume of the garbage container, can I use the recycling container for garbage collection?

No.  Recycling carts can only be used for recyclable items.

I just moved into a new construction home, do I have to pay for my garbage and recycle cart?

No. Residents in new construction homes can contact Waste Management to schedule a delivery.  

What if I have something that does not fit in my cart?

Contact Waste Management’s Customer Service Department to schedule a bulk collection and we will notify the resident what day the item(s) will be collected. Bulk collection service will be available weekly.

What if I am disabled or physically unable to get my trash to the street or return the containers to my storage area?

The current disabled program will stay the same.  If there is no able-bodied person living at the residence to get the carts to the curb, Waste Management will provide backdoor service with a note from the customer’s doctor.

Will my service day change for garbage, yard waste and recycling?

Some areas may see a change in their service days. Your service days for garbage and yard waste will be located on the top of your garbage cart.  Your service day for recycling will be located on the top of your recycle cart. 

What time will my garbage, yard waste and recycling be collected?

The hours of collection will be between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. Please place your cart at the curb after 12 noon the day before or by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day.  

What can I recycle?

The recycle program is not changing.  The 64-gallon cart will allow residents to recycle a greater volume of material.  The acceptable recyclable items are listed on the top of your recycle cart, or additional information can be found here.

Are there changes to my yard waste collection?

No. Please continue to use a 40 gallon or less container for your yard waste.   Information on yard waste can be found here.

Unincorporated Brevard County residents who are part of the 96-gallon pilot cart program can continue to use their 96-gallon cart for yard waste.

What do I do with my old recycle bin?

Residents have the option to keep their old recycle bin or Waste Management will collect and recycle them starting the week of September 30th.  Place your old recycling bin inside your recycling cart for collection.

What do I do with my old garbage can?

If you would like to discard your old garbage can, please place a note on it indicating you want it picked up and Waste Management will collect it beginning the week of September 30th.  All 40 gallon or less containers can be utilized for yard waste.